Cindy Lanier Wallace 

Cindy Lanier joined gymnastics at the age of 7 and instantly fell in love with the sport.  Cindy progressed quickly and later would advance to the AAU Junior Olympics.  A backyard football injury pulled Cindy out of gymnastics at the age of 14.  She just couldn't bear the thought of giving up the sport all together so she decided to open up her own gymnastics facility in June of 1985.  Her business grew quickly and soon she had to add on to her gym to provide more space for all of her students. 

In1990 Cindy married Lew Wallace, but they wanted to keep the gym name as Lanier's.  She had her only child, Taylor, in December of 1998.  Taylor was a gymnast on the competitive team, but has since moved on from gymnastics to play soccer and volleyball.  Taylor will graduate from High School in 2017 and attend MS State University for college. 

Cindy's success as a business owner would later lead to the opening of her second location in 2008 in Biloxi at the e-Fitness and Wellness Center.  Cindy runs both locations and has had many State, Regional, National and Collegiate Champions.  Cindy enjoys going to church with her family, going to the movies, shopping, watching Taylor play soccer and of course... coaching gymnastics! 

In 2016, the fitness center that Cindy rented the Biloxi location from closed, which forced Cindy to close her second gym.  Cindy has since then, started an additional building at the Gulfport location to accommodate the merge of both gyms.  She just keeps returning to Gulfport, clicking her heels, and repeating "There is no place like home!"

Cindy is a fantastic role model for all of the girls in the gym, and a mentor for her gymnasts and coaches.  She is loved by everyone that knows her!

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Cindy Wallace